Monday, May 14, 2007

Coming Real Soon

Look for some press on Artist Type in the new issue of Laced Mag. My boy Tony Rocked the cover and Leo Vasquez on the hook up again. Now that's team work.

Out Now

Shouts to Tim Bess from the Donoger Group for letting me rock a cover for their First-Street mag and Leo Vasquez for the connect. I love the wrap around effect of the cover. SLICK!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mic Chec one two

De La spotted rockin' Vintage Native Wear and Mic Chec (my old t-shirt line) t-shirts in a George Clinton documentary on youtube. One of the best GC docs I have seen.
George Clinton Documentary

Thursday, May 10, 2007

More old school

Back with some old school kick pics. The top pic is of the rare (for those of us who managed to get a pair back in the late 80's) Bally Competitions aka Bally Comps. A brooklyn favorite, and one bad ass sneaker, my all-time favorite. Leather upper, suede toe, blue leather stripes on the side resembling an abstract "B" there was also a less bulky all suede version. These sneakers followed the suede Bally Sunny shoe which was made famous by Slick Rick. The next sneaker was the top of the line 3/4 version of the sort after square toed Fila classic tennis shoe (one of my all time favorites). All i can say is that if you had any of these sneakers or the famous Gucci 155's (the shoe the 1st S. Carters were based on) or 109's in the late 80's (the crack boom) you were balling for sure. R.I.P. to Buff (in the middle -the human beat box of the Fat Boys). Take a look at what the top of the Daily News cover says... the shoe game never stops.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

fine art continued...

Variable Tempo
size: 16.5" x 16"
medium: acrylic on homisote

M Davis
size: 22.5" x 22"
medium: acrylic on homisote

The DJ
size: 18.5 x 15.5"
medium: acrylic on homisote

Humble Beginnings 2
size:48" x 18.5"
medium: acrylic on carved homisote and wood

Fine art time

Day Dream 12
size: 25.75" x 18"
medium: acrylic on homisote

B-Boy King
size: 17.75" x 13"
medium: acrylic on homisote

Horn Headed
size: 12.75" x 12"
medium: acrylic on homisote

They Call Me (Public Enemy No. 1)
size: 22.5" x 20"
medium: acrylic on homisote

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More on the De La Soul skateboards

You need to cop one of these for sure.

Monday, April 30, 2007

In the beginning of my career there was De La Soul then CHi ALi

I did this Chi Ali cartoon for word up magazine circa 91-92. It was an intersting project especially being the second industry freelance gig I had gotten. I had to listen to the album and clean it up so it translated into a cartoon that word up could run in 6 parts. Don't laugh... it was a long time ago. LOL

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hollis to Hollywood

You know what it is. Queens got the means.

I kept this flyer for a few reasons. It's the only flyer I had with Masters of Ceremonies (showing a young Grand Puba).
Just- Ice of course, and King Sun- D Moet (now that's one hell of a name). You also had Hank Love -DNA Crew. The other aspect of the flyer was the gear. M.o.C. rocking warm up suits of the time Sergio Tacchini and Fila. Just- Ice rocking a boom box and the cats to the left (not sure who they are) you can tell are from BK by the way their dressed sportin' a Gucci bag and dude on the right rocking the sort after Luis Vuitton Neck pouch. Taking place at United Skates in Queens (1987).